roof question.....i donno


saw this and i wasnt sure (told client to further evaluate the condition because i really didnt know the answer)

the roof sheeting on the house seams a little thin looking at the edge of plywood where a ventilation duct was (see pic) i couldn’t measure it because of the attic height (pitch was 14-12)

tell me if this thickness ( i would say about 5/16…??) is ok…or can you put thinner sheeting on a roof if it’s a big slop???:roll:

What was the rafter spacing?

Its 3 ply, ply wood…used all the time on roofs! I dont see no issues

to add slope has nothiung todo with how thick your roof sheathing would be so you know…1/2" is the thinest you would install on a roof.


That is 3/8 in. plywood and is within building practices with trusses spaced 24 inches for house build in Québec.

If it was waferboard, it would need to be 7/16 in. minimum.

Slope does not matter.


thx all !! well ! i’ll call my client