Roof rack

Anyone know a good roof rack for a ford explorer?

Last good one I remember was Tawny Kitaen in the video for Whitesnake…



Is that an old man reference or something?

Thanks Rob. I wasn’t clear. I need a ladder rack

lol Juan. Yes it was a old man reference. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking about this one. I have toyota 4 runner.

That was a great video. Does that mean that I am old too?

I only use weatherguard quick release, an expensive rack but putiing the ladder on and taking back off is a snap, plus no tying down to mess with, pull the handle down and away you go, I beleive they make them for vans and pick ups, about $1400.00 installed in Canada, probably a lot cheaper in the US, as it is a US product, PS, you don’t even know you have ladders on the roof when cruising along, very well designed, rubber mounted, lots of SS parts.

Sorry I meant quick clamp.

the one I retrofitted on my topper 3 yrs ago was only about 200 bucks and still looks and works great. of course I may have had second thoughts about drilling through the roof of my Explorer

Juan, Check this out.

I have a set on my suburban, work great and only took 15 minutes to install.

The rail grab works good if you have the factory rails already on the roof.

from prior posts
you’re handy with wood
do i need to call your wife and have her crack the whip again ;~))

HAHA. Do you think that will hold a ladder well?

build it right and it’ll do many things

$30 new material for my temporary rig to carry 28’ and some ingenuity


At least it better not :wink:

Thanks, I do not plan on being old until next year.


If you’re looking at going with a Yakima round bar system and your SUV has side rails, I have these:

You’re welcome to them if you need them.

Wow. I appreciate that but I don’t have the SUV yet. I thought I was going to buy an explorer today but just as I signed the last piece of paper they said oh wait its broken. I am not sure what I am going to get yet. Will those hold a ladder?

Juan get a 4 runner. Very reliable. Mine is 1 owner and runs like a dream still and is comfortable. It’s a 99 and I only paid 6K. Clients have already commented on it. I like much more professional now.

That is very nice of you Chuck, indeed.