Roof reason contract failed

This was a jumbo shake roof that I inspected yesterday for the second time first time was 3 years ago and there has been a large hailstorm since the first inspect. Seller is upgrading and had a offer to purchase that failed due to the buyer wanting a new roof as all of the homes in the neighborhood mostly composition were being replaced.

I was all over this roof and could find no damage other than some ridgeline shingles that were loose. I am probally going to create a fuss with my present client but am going to report that this roof has no hail damage I call it like I see it.

“Those shingles are all gray and look old. Shouldn’t they have to be replaced?” LOL Can see some purchasing client saying this also!!

Keep calling them as you see’em…that’s what we’re paid to do.

I am old and gray does that mean that I should be replaced.

No the shingles have some age new in 1992 but are still performing their intended function. This home was not being blocked by shade trees allowing the shingles to properly dry after a rain. Jumbo shakes in this area will normally last if not shaded 20 to 25 years