Roof Ridge Uneven - Any Concern?

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I don’t jump off roofs anymore. Starting to feel it in my lower back! :grinning: Stay safe guys! :slight_smile:


Those shingle over ridge vents are notorious for that uneven look.

Look at the 2nd picture. No noticeable unevenness, sag, etc in the roof plane below the ridge vents. It just looks like the ridge vents are installed crooked hence the ridge cap shingles are crooked. I’d be more concerned about water getting in through the ridge vents during wind driven rain or heavy rain. As the ridge vents are offset further from the center line of the roof ridge, one side gets more coverage while the other side gets less coverage. Obviously it depends on where you live, do you get lots of rain? wind? are there stains in the attic below the ridge? your call to make

The plane of the roof DOES appear to reflect the rise. Well, kinda - just took a second look.

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It all looks good from 10,000 ft… :grinning:

Here we go again, I guess they have to put this house in a dumpster and start over because the roofer improperly installed the ridge vent. :roll_eyes:

How often do you see that in the middle. Probably two roofers who couldn’t quite meet in the middle.

I’d make them tear the roof off for sure :joy:

the ridge shingles run opposite direction… probably started from each end in opposite direction.

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  1. I have been an inspector for 7 years and was a roofer for 11 years prior. I am currently healing from falling from an 8 pitch roof that was 20 foot from the ground. Don’t let any of these guys ridicule you for staying on the ground. There is NOTHING wrong with using the drone especially for 2 story situations.

  2. “Peak ridge vent and shingles appear uneven or possibly improperly installed. Further evaluation could not be done safely at the time of inspection. I recommend a qualified contractor further investigate the ridge and repair or replace if/as necessary. “


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uneven ridge line: Further evaluation by a licensed roofing contractor and repair if indicated

…and mention whether you saw any problem that appeared to be related to this condition. It looks to me like a little bit of ugliness in the roof framing but not necessarily like something that would cause leakage unless the sheathing was left too long and will eventually wear through the shingles, or something similar. I think that any answer is going to come from the attic rather than the rooftop.
I’d say something like “The Inspector was unable to access the attic because _____. Accurately determining the cause and potential for future problems related to this condition would require the services of a qualified contractor.”

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Hi, Guys.
I inspected a house today and find the roof ridge bent like a fishtail as attached pic.
The rafter and other structural components seem stable.
The roofing material was replaced 7~9 years ago and showing no deficiency.
How do you think about this and what causes this issue?

Thanks in advance.

It looks like it could use some collar ties.

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Did the ridge bow down? Were the walls bowed out? There is a proper way to install rafters, and maybe the carpenters did not follow the proper procedure and pushed the ridge out of alignment during construction, Carpenter inexperience. It could have been that way the day they installed the rafters.IMO

No bowing, no sagging. just ridge board bent.

Just mention it in your narration but it is not a problem, aside from poor workmanship, and won’t be going anywhere.

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Thank you all guys.

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For your own information, some of the rafters may have been cut slightly off from the pattern if they used one and some of the walls should reflect the same signature of the ridge since it goes back and forth, you would not notice it much because it is on both walls.
Been like that since day one and just inexperienced carpenters on stick build.

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