Roof Selfies

Let’s start a roof selfie chain thread on here and submit our roof selfie pictures. Let’s see how long we can keep this going. Have fun and please be safe up on roofs when walking them. And for our newer members as part of the NACHI SOP, you are not required to walk the roof you are required to inspect the roof.

Have fun :smiley:

Well Shawn were going to have to wait till April for the Minnesota guys :wink:

Except maybe for that crazy Jeff Jonas, I hear he has spiked booties and climbs year round and then comes back in the summer to caulk the spike marks:mrgreen:

I skated on this one in the rain this week;)

Water is easy. Frozen water, not so much.:wink:

Guess you have never been on a wet metal roof one has to be crazy its slicker than snot:mrgreen:

Yuppies, one foot on will be one foot off and on the ground!

I don’t do selfies, but I do make it up on roofs pretty regular.

OK. the last one wasn’t me.

I’ve seen a number of car-on-the-roof photos and I’m always impressed with how well the roof holds up. Even when they land end-on and punch through the roof framing they don’t make it to the floor inside. Googling “car on the roof” you see a lot of cars on a lot of roofs, but the roofs hold up surprisingly well.

Great idea Shawn.

I need to do this. I have lots of pictures, but no Selfies to prove I was there. Why just yesterday, I had my wife taking pictures of myself of projects that I did with me in them just for show. I need these to put in my web site I’m working.

It’s amazing that neither of them look too bad off for the accident.

I like to call them Roofies…

Tamarac Florida today!
Crazy flat roof with this stupid dome circa 1969.
Pic taken by my assistant. :slight_smile:







I know those houses. An inspectors nightmare

The Original Roofie from December 2014.

Yeah Bill! The Woodlands
The only thing good about them inspector wise is no attic.

“there’s nothing wrong with my new roof” the seller said.





I guess your shadow will do

They say I am a shady character.