Roof shape input

Count this flat section, or not? The rest is hip



attached to the facia or the top of the wall?

Attached to the fascia

All open porch?, can’t see all of it. If open, then it is not included in Q5, and Q2.

If it is attached at the facia then it is not included in the calculations

I say hip if attached to the fascia.

What does it look like from underneath/attic?
If it is attached to the fascia…I wouldn’t stand under it for too long! :wink:
It looks like there is a slight drop where the flat roof meets the main roof and it may rest on the rear support wall. Even then, it looks to be close enough to measure, and probably get the hip roof credit.

Attached to fascia, I would say don’t count it

Fascia, don’t count.