Roof shape question

Looking for a second opinion. Would you count the roof sections pointed out in the photo as non hip in determining roof shape? They would change things from hip to non hip.

Yes it does count

Thanks. That’s what I thought.

Not sure if I am seeing the same as you guys but that looks like a hip roof to me.

I agree with John

all hip roof

:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:yup, hip

There must be a hell of a gable that we can’t see in the pic.

That small section detailed by your arrows is actually small Gables that need to figure into your calculations. It all adds up!

Please educate me on how that area is considered a gable.

me see hip too

The sides do not slope down to a wall, they are actually 1/2 of a gable each.

On a side note the image shown looks like hip.

those half gables may look different from another angle. They appear to possibly be on a 45degree and still slope down. They also look like three feet long. Unless there are real gables on that house, I would have to give it Hip.

Thanks I see what you mean.

I’m not willing to make a call without seeing the other sides of the structure. But, those small little gables should be factored in to the equation…I had to blow the image up to see them. But they are there.

The question was-------“would you count the roof sections pointed out” ? I would count them as non-hip. As far as the whole home I would need to see the rest of the perimeter to make that call.

I’m getting a headache!

They look like overhangs to me. This is all hip…no doubt.

there’s no way I would call that little roof over the bay wdw a gbl.

BTW, it sure looks like the ladder in the drive was set up to improperly access the roof in an A frame config.

Robert, if you used that set to get on the roof you could have gotten seriously hurt/disabled. Even if you are embarrassed a little, pls tell us…for the benefit of others.

They need to counted. Envsion them as part of a triangle. Figure what the horizontal length (base) of that 90 degree “triangle” would be. Add those hz bases up…Then use the 10% rule (per W H York’s manual)