Roof shape question

Each building has a gable behind the middle section, there is no gable wall, but a really long rake behind the hip section. Do i calculate the whole rake as other?

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You talking about that really long 1 1/2 high section? I would say by defination of form you have to. Too bad for client. Just another example of the form having nothing to do with common sense.

If architects would PAY ATTENTION to the wind mit form and what is calculated and how they could save their clients a ton of money based on design instead of letting them get screwed because they drew something that looked pretty. I bet most clients would take the cheaper insurance option over the architects bright idea.

On a side note any of you ever try to stucco a asinine design like that before???

Thats where the crew bosses put me when they considered me a pee on :frowning: either there or in the patio closets people pee’d in :frowning:

Friggin architects…

Architects suck.

A nessary evil I guess. My first wife was one. Whats that tell ya. It does not influence my opinion of them as I do know some I like and respect. Just not the X. They do not see usually to think past the looks of things.

Great architects thinking process goes WAY DEEPER into environmental, client operating costs and how the structure reacts with it’s environment, and using renewable and recyclable products just to name a few of the considerations they think about beside the idiots that only consider what is in or looks cool for the moment in time that it is built.

They have the ability to help change the world for the better REALLY but most have no clue of what they could do and how they could make the world better

The gable counts, but just use the horizontal span, not the rake.

Correct, but I believe Dennis knows this already.

I kind of figured that, but why did he ask then?

Its an interesting one. The gable length makes the total other > 10%, while there really is no gable wall. Basically defeating the purpose as meeker weighed in. I would normally count the whole bottom cord, but it runs parralel to the rake and is like 6" wide. I would not be suprised to have this disputed no matter what i put , either by the client or the carrier. Sometimes, i overthink these when i dont necessarily agree with what the correct anwser should be. Appreciate the input my brothers. Hope everyone has a great holiday

Boy, does that suck for the client! :frowning:

In the real world, during a storm, it won’t make a difference.

Dennis, I may be wrong, but I believe the intent of labeling a roof line as non-hip or other is due to the wind resistive properties of the roof line, not the gable end wall. Wind will take the roof covering off easier on a gable line or flat roof line, than a hip roof line. In other words, roof shape determination has more to do with water intrusion than roof structure failure.

To add insult to injury, the building permits were applied in july of 94’

That sucks twice for the Client!!

I have had some that were a week before 9/1/94.
Also had a couple where the building permit was one date, and he roof permit, was after 9/1/94.

But asking theses questions on the tricky situations really helps the guys that watch here but are too afraid to comment. Merry Christmas guys!