roof shingle certification?

I had a real estate investor ask if I can give him a “roof certification,” something another inspector claimed could give him. The investor wants to show that there is at least five years of life left in the asphalt shingles so he doesn’t have to replace or renegotiate a lesser price. As a general residential inspector, are our reports considered “certifications” or was this other home inspector perhaps certified to administer such a demand?

I personally would never certify a roof. As a home inspector, I can never determine future performance. In my opinion it’s a huge liability with next to no award.

I agree with Mr. Taylor.

Have him try a roofing company or the “other inspector that claimed he could certify the roof for 5 years”.

Then refer him to your Standards of Practice:

2. Limitations, Exceptions & Exclusions

2.1. Limitations:
[li]An inspection is not technically exhaustive.[/li][li]An inspection will not identify concealed or latent defects.[/li][li]An inspection will not deal with aesthetic concerns or what could be deemed matters of taste, cosmetic defects, etc.[/li][li]An inspection will not determine the suitability of the property for any use.[/li][li]An inspection does not determine the market value of the property or its marketability.[/li][li]An inspection does not determine the insurability of the property.[/li][li]An inspection does not determine the advisability or inadvisability of the purchase of the inspected property.[/li][li]**An inspection does not determine the life expectancy of the property or any components or systems therein. **[/li][li]An inspection does not include items not permanently installed.[/li][li]These Standards of Practice apply only to properties with four or fewer residential units.[/li][/LIST]

From International Standards of Practice for Performing a General Home Inspection - InterNACHI

Eric, it would be best to update your profile to show your location… Furthermore, you if you are talking about a Florida Roof Certification I suggest you ask your question in the Florida section as home inspectors outside of Florida are fairly clueless in regards to Roof Certifications.

Thanks, Joe. I do resemble that “fairly clueless” part regarding roof certs in Fl. :slight_smile:

I see by Eric’s website that he is in Blaine, WA.