Roof Shingle help?

I don’t know what to think of this roof hump. The hump can be stepped on and pushed down.

what wording should be used?

Couldn’t see in the attic, eh?

Possible narrative:

“There is at least one weak spot in the roof system. It is a hump actually, and when it is stepped on, it sinks down. I recommend a qualified building contractor/carpenter assess any anomalies and make corrections, as needed, to make the roof safe to use especially under snow loading.”


LOL, might want to change this part to assess. Or maybe NOT :smile:


No sir I could not see it in the attic. It doesn’t seem to be the roof sheathing, but more like air under this area

No guessing!. Report what you see.


So, do you think there was a void between the shingles and the decking? If so, it is possible some shingles were missing nails and expansion caused the shingles to buckle.

However, you do not have to determine the cause, just the effect.

Hump observed on shed roof. Attachment does not appear adequate. Further damage may occur if not corrected. Recommend blah blah blah.

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Missing plywood clips.


Isolated weak spots are often indicative of a rotten sheathing beneath, usually due to a leak. As the sheathing gets wet it expands and warps, creating uneven surface which then telegraphs through the shingles. Try inspecting that with a drone! :slight_smile:


Just wondering if there are attic vents in that area. Lack of ventilation could be the cause.


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Observation. Roofing.
Composition shingles.
Slight bulge in the roof sheathing. Composition shingles and sheathing compress and became rigid when walked on. This could be due to sheathing fastener issues.
A licensed roofing contractor evaluate and secure and poorly fastened roof deck sheathing.
Follow any offered referrals.
Limitation. Unable to enter the roof space.

Hope that helps:-)


it’s probably an air bubble in the ice and water shield under the shingles.

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Whats to think. Recommend Repair and Move On

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The nail gun operator might of had a bad night, and missed rafters with the nails. The plywood warped due to inadequate fasteners