roof to wall attachment

has anyone seen this type of attachment before?

Roof to wall attachment.png

Roof to wall attachment.png

yup, sure have

and what type would it be on the wind mit form

Heavy duty !
It even may have an all threaded doweled down to the foundation/bottom plate.
Did you see it on intersecting exterior walls?
No place on the 1802 for that.

no i did not

do would it be G unknown or unidentified?

Where on the 1820 do you think asked about these.
Where did you find it.Just curious .
Sheer walls most likely.

This was the roof attachment on a residential garage. main house was a gable roof with clips and the garage was a flat roof with these attachments.

It isn’t the weakest point . So move on…

Thanks for the help and your time.

here is another picture

roof deck.png

That shows nothing relating to a wind mit.
That I can see.

ok. so then the clips on the gable roof would be the weakest point.

hers a better picture.

Many times. Usually they are on both sides, but only have 2 small nails into the rafter for each clip. Toenail (ii) is the selection for those.

Maybe they’re clips?

You are right.
I was wrong in my first assumption.
The better pic !

Yes, they are clips, but not compliant with the 1802 for clips. If they were one piece and attached with 4 nails to the rafter, they would be compliant. However, these are two separate clips with 2 nails each…toenail (ii). They are probably good for about 75lbs of uplift, 1950’s vintage.

The second pic is much better.

These count as clips on the 1802. They have two nails on each side of the joist.