Roof to wall connection

Does anyone know if this meets the minimum requirements for Clips since a wooden wedge was retrofitted in the half inch gap?

According to my recollection, clipping specially on wind brasing should be tight both sides. If you have 1/2" gap, means that is a weak connection. On the other hand you need 8 fasteners each side of clipping minimum, good luck

You must be referring to a clip selection on a wind mitigation. That strap is ok for a clip selection. You are allowed up to 1.5" blocking with a 1/2" gap on the strap…total 2" distance from the embedment to the truss. Was the other side nailed too, if so it would be a single wrap.

The second inspector who commented is correct. This does qualify under the roof to wall connection for the Wind Mitigation.

Thank you all for the replies but I must rephrase my question:
If there is more than 1/2 inch gap between the strap and the truss connection, would placement of a wooden wedge in-between such, render the strap a Toenail or Clip for Wind Mitigation purposes?

I was told by one GC/Inspector that it was allowed and by another that it was not.

Let me rephrase my answer: Clip