Roof Top AC Units

Roof Top AC Units

Tell me if you see any defects on this roof top? I have some electrical items, but feel sure that there may be others, such as a flat roof!

I get chills thinking about standing there in a wind storm.


No one is trying?

OK the bottom right unit has the wrong size fuse and the top left one has a skinned conductor.:slight_smile:

Top right unit is a bit crooked. . .


You expect us to see that from the picture?

The two BBQ grills are much too small to serve a facility of this size. :slight_smile:

The condensing unit photo is too condensed

Not only does the top right unit look crooked, but it looks like there were originally 4 units in the lower row. Do you suppose one of them blew off the roof?


I guess that’s what they get for not installing a hand rail.

It’s hard to tell much from the pic. But I would think those units should be sitting on something a bit more stable than a couple of 4x4’s. Obviously they’re not very secure from the looks of the one on the upper right.

I should have asked “what do you look for here?” :o

  1. Fuses or Circuit Breakers “HACR” or just a plain nonfused switch?

  2. Thermostat wire not in same line with AC electric supply wires

  3. Receptacle within 25 feet on GFCI and with a bubble cover

  4. Proper equipment grounding

  5. ?

I am still afraid of the wind here! :mrgreen: