Roof Valley

Does anyone have a problem with this type of VALLEY?

If these shingles are not properly sealed where I have highlighted in yellow, the momentum of the water running down the roof could run up under the shingles on the other roof. Did you check to see if they were sealed?

Randy, not sealed, here is what I found in the attic.

I would bet that that valley could void the shingle manufacture warranty. Doesn’t look like a very water tight valley, especially if your in a snow climate.

Never seen that type of valley. Looks to be more work than doing the traditional type of valleys. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to stray too far from tradition.

On a roof pitch of 3&12 the actual pitch of the valley would be about 2&12. This is borderline, and would not meet the minimum slope requirement for many shingle manufacturers.

A manufacturer would not pay for damage caused by a valley installed using a method that did not meet the manufacturer’s installation requirements. This valley installation method probably wouldn’t void the manufacturer’s responsibility for manufacturing defects in shingles on the rest of the roof.

Buck …

Usually when I see that type valley its roll roofing. I like them … they usually have a few OR more holes SO … I recommend repair AND full evaluation by a competent licensed roofer OR maybe have insurance company verify roof insurability, etc