Roof Venting issues

I inspected a home that has adaquete eve venting, see pic of chivken wire. But there are no vents in the roof, gable, ridge or otherwise that I could see. Is this an issue? I hope the links to the pics work.

It could cause premature shingles damage if shingles are there…


Yes, have to have an exit for the air to get out and do its job. :smile:

Yes that is a huge issue…air can enter the attic space but then it is trapped and can not get out. Sure wouldn’t want that in my home state of Florida.

For air to get in, the air that’s already there must get out.

The roof assembly won’t vent properly. Also, the screening used in not the proper mesh size. The mesh should be 1/16 inch minimum to 1/4 inch maximum

"Vents are equipped with improper sized screen.
Drywood termites enter structures through attic and foundation vents, under eaves and fascia
boards, and through gaps around doors and windows . Attic and crawl space vents should be
covered with 20-mesh screen wire to prevent drywood swarmers from entering those areas."