Roof /wall issue

Curious as to what comment language others would make on this situation ?

A couple wasp nests near opening inside attic and it appears other townhouse units have the same situation with just a piece of sheet metal over that tiny opening under the soffit.In this case it is facing NW from which winter weather enters.
Bonus shot next of the downspout at front…ha ha.

PVC downspout at front going through a Drivit EIFS ] soffit.
Think there will be issues if the elbow inside leaks ? yikes.

The EIFS uses the barrier method banned in Chicago 2001 but this is the burbs and a 1997 build.

50 views and no reply ?

Nobody knows about roofs on a Inspector forum?

Just recommend sealing it to prevent weather and vermin entry, no? :slight_smile:

It may cause of not using water resistant material which is not good thing. Apply the paint which contains the solution like water resistant which help you to prevent water leakage and this type of issue.