Has anyone came across this type of material for a roof? It appears to be tin or aluminum. I cannot imagine them using aluminum?

Copy of P4180005.JPG

Did you intend to post a picture of a panel?
Also, carry a magnet in your bag. It helps in determining an answere to your question.

Disregard electrical panel, cannot edit pictures to take out.

Was the surface of the shingles smooth or did they have some sort of texture to them?

Booby H
Yes, they do have a texture to them.

It’s probably a synthetic composite shingle…you don’t see to many of those simply because it expensive and fairly new to the market. Tamko has their Lamarite line out…have not inspected any just see it from a couple of my suppliers.


It might be Enviroshake

Do we happen to know the approx age? I hate to throw the “A” word out there. Here’s some sample photos

I know you said to ignore the panel pic but what is going on with how it is mounted and how the wires leave the panel?


They look like some of the steel shingles some have been using around here in the last few years.

They look a bit like Paul’s product, or his largest Competitor.

Looks like metal roofing.

Aluminum is used for metal roofing. Modern aluminum roofing has about 95% recycled content.

Make sure correct fasteners are used with aluminum in any application.