What do you all think of this new roof?

Same ladder and roof from my last inspection.

I carry a 13’ and 22’ with me all the time. The 22’ is heavy and I usually use the 13’ even for two stories. Not the smartest of things to do with your day. I would like the 15’ fiberglass version but really do not want to spend the money on it.

Its hard to see but there appears to be air pockets in the roof and is it improperly installed it appears the first row overlaps the second row, and should be the opposite. Meaning the closest to the end of the roof should have been installed first it appears to have been installed last giving the overlapping a reverse effect…But the picture is not all that clear.

I was looking at the multiple air pockets

I see better in the 2nd pic. If this is REALLY new then I see this all the time. Seems to take a bit of our heat to get it to lay down properly. If I see this I check all seams and ensure they are nice and tight…if they are small pockets they don’t bother me. John pic 1 top right side is there a gap at the drip edge area that would be susceptible to uplift during high winds? Seems like the air pocket is exposed.

Is it rooled roofing or torch down?
If its rolled then its jsut crap and should be called out as such, but it looks like torch down.

If its torch down, then your going to get some waviness. There should be 42# paper underneath that is nailed down with metal caps, so I would not find any issues with a few air bubbles, or wrinkles. The change in weather will cause expansion and contraction. As long as the edges are secured well to the drip edge then it should be fine.

I guess Russel beat me to it. I put that type of roof on my home after hurricane Jean. As long as the paper is down good and tight, once the membrane is heated up and stuck, it wont come back up. THe cool thing with that roof is, if you ever get a hole in it, you can just take a small torch up there and melt the hole back closed.

Snakes. They roofed right over a buncha’ snakes.

Im with Kenton.

I see this all the time on low slope roofs, that is a common problem with this material. You can no longer buy it in my area, I was told once that they no longer made it.

It almost looks like they went over the old roof covering. You shouldn’t have those wrinkles.

On other types of installations, I have seen a large weighted roller used to get everything flat.

Normally this type of roofing is installed with weighted rollers being moved back and forth on the rolled out ply to insure no air gaps.
Also rolled to insure good bonding in the 3 to 4 inch lap joint that ad-tears them to form a membrane.
Not many practice this method for application of cold roll style roofing,and results in blister and air pockets are the results.

Modified Bitumen (torch down) buy it all day long and if installed correctly they are very good roofs…getting ready to do a 3 ply one next week

roof is a Modified Bitumen (torch down) roof as long as it was installed correctly it should be ok…what happens if these rolls sit too long they get these wrinkles in them. If the installer does not let the material relax before torching it then this is your result….to me it looks like they only torched the seams of the material…I prefer to torch the hole roll…bottom line looks like this guy rushed this job and did not care about the appearance. You should check and see how the edges were installed that is also a key on torch down….

you better look again…the laps are correct…

there is also a 9" starter row that goes under the top layer…in ur pics I do not see that also…???

Thought it was a elastomeric membrane roofing system.
I have never done’’ torch’’ mostly’ ( BRM’’ buildup) for it was bylaw-ed in Quebec in the early 1980’s for starting to many fires.
Poorly training roofers would attempt to seal can-strip and send flames down the openings in wood decking .
Can-strip and flashing where problematic in results…
It has worked its why back to the governments graces through proper training in the late 1990’s to today.
Most roofers I know use cold elastic------ membrane or buildup…

They put a guy’’ HI’’ in the ground last week because he had an accident with a ladder or on the roof sorry. I talked to another that had a fall off a ladder’'to small, and slid off roof with him on it.
Six months latter and a family to boot he is still limping and worried about going back up.
Wow mate its time to do some thinking and get what you need and learn safety.
This is the most impost rule of thumb.LADDER SAFETY.
Please lets not read about you PLEASE.

Looks to me like the homewoner put that on himself maybe. In our neck of the woods it has to have a permit. i would check that out first.

Brian Smith.
can you show me pic,s of the 9 inch starter so I can use it for referencing.
There might be others here to, that also would like a picture as to to embed it in their photo album:),if they have one.