Roofers exposed On Market place

That was entertaining.
Not sure why they needed the the actor in it though.

$7K for a semi-detached shingle job? Boy thats rich.

"$7K for a semi-detached shingle job? Boy thats rich."

( Here comes the ‘professor’ to tell you that you are wrong :roll: )

Choosing the television actor, Mike Holmes, to pose as a roofing expert will certainly attract ratings.

A good name for this show might be “Piddler on the Roof”.

I wonder if a kid ever gets ripped off by a sno-cone man we can expect to see people wanting sno-cone legislation, as well.

You can tell Holmes has never made a living being a contractor. He is way off base. You do not get jobs by doubling a bid. Roofers are not masons either.
It is the consumers fault for not checking the contractors’ references. When I was a contractor, I seldom got a job where a consumer did not check my references. The sad part is, most consumers just look at the price, not the workmanship.

I never got the idea it was a semi-detached.

I am mid-priced, well known in this area and have impeccable references. To get me to your roof, you have to be referred to me, I dont go soliciting roof jobs.

Its a semi. Watch the first 2 minutes of the video.

Yeah…saw that after I posted… Find it strange that they chose a semi. Many people in semis here time the replacement of the roof so that both sides are done at once…saves $$$, looks better and there is not a center seam to try to make watertight.

$7,000 price including chimney repair would be about right for the whole place…wonder if???

7K for a semi would be normal for me if: you were replacing the sheathing, installing new vents, repairing the chimney as well as flashing it properly and replacing the entire roof.

had my Home done last year with 40 year shingles Ice and water shied at lower end and the new IKO Roof Guard ,1,300 sq. ft. attached garage cost $4,500;00 striped ,Great clean up I found one nail they missed on the ground

Somebody got gouged. That is one expensive roof job. I guess when you work for Holmes you can afford to charge more. :wink: I wonder how much kick back there was?

Brian and Roy, I just had my roof done this past summer for $4500 stripped additional roof vents, metal valley, flashing around chimney, 35 yr IKO - $4500.

Hopefully you get 15-20 out of them!! There are 2 reports on these boards of 40 year shingles being replaced in under 15 years!!

See my last post and see the “Busted” section of the Marketplace website!

Sorry Brian I do not believe in Miracles at 75 the odds are not very good in My getting 20 years out of my shingles .
Also at 95 I do not expect I will give a dam.
Also I think there has been changes in how shingles are now manufactured now different from 15 years ago.

I did the roof on the house i’m in now; 40yr IKO, all new metal valley’s, all new vents and boots, ice and water up 6ft and in valley’s, black felt rest of roof, all new eave starter, double-nailed due to pitch. Cost was 2800 material and 2600 labor including disposal.

Yeah!!! They’re not as good!!

Seeing some 4-5-6 year old shingles showing beginning curling at edges on south facing slopes. The south slope was was especially bad on a foreclosure I did for a chap moving from Tarana about a month ago…this was the 4 year old house…told him maybe 8-9 years left at best!!!

Could be your area Marcel showed some shingles in Main I think where 36 years old and did not need replacing yet.