Roofing contractors going to kill someone

One of these day if they already have not done so. I have found gas flue pipes, water heaters and furnaces knocked off by contractors installing new shingles more times than the law allows. Had one today the home had been vacant since the shingles had been installed. I had fired off the furnace and was just looking around in the attic before actually checking the furnace and got light headed before I realized what was going on. I spoke a few sailor words good thing no one could hear.:roll::roll: That is also why the flue pipes should be supported with straps

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Yeah, that’s a real problem.

I usually find where they are knocked loose at a joint but at least they are still up through the roof.

I think yours had no boot to pierce the roof…right?

I always do outside AC check first before entering the home, Cooling. Heating and Electrical last so before this the attic is checked for the connections if possible.

Yes there was a roof jack but with no straps to hold it the flue pipe just slipped down through the rubber boot and the meat heads just ignored it BTW it was a 90% furnace the flue pipe is the plastic pipe in the pic

Yeah, I saw your pvc flue pipe. I was envisioning a more sinister roofer.

Well Kevin what routine works for one does not always work for another. I do my walk around and the roof first then followed by the electrical panel which I load with as much amps as available by touring the home and turning on every thing electrical possible;-) See 94 amps on a vacant house is not to shabby

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That is interesting Charley! Is this a normal inspection for you as I have never done this in all the years of my inspections. This would freak out the RA’s here and ESA would be down my throat about improper practice as a Home Inspector.

I could care less what the RE think most I have dealings with know me to well enough to not interfere. An yes it is a standard inspection for me There is nothing in Okla SOP that prevents me from exceeding the standard. I find more problems with electrical panels doing what I do than I ever did with just a visual inspection. To me visual inspections went the way of the horse drawn buggy with today’s modern technology.

Sounds insane to me to see the words (improper practice) how can anything be improper practice when it is in the best interest of the client.

BTW I drove 6 hours today and was paid very well for the improper things I do in a home inspection client did not want to use a local guy he had a builder friend that I had inspected a home that he build and he recommended that I do the inspection

Charley I am glad that you can do this down there but in SSM On you can’t do what you are showing in the picture without full glove protection, some of the panels we have do not expose you to the main to get a reading unless you take off the restricted part by ESA electrical safety authority.
They don’t even want us to open the dead front if they could prevent it but they can’t.:shock:

Big problem around here too,

Well what are we going to do about it wait till they kill someone :frowning: lets put it on TV

here is my vent from yesterday

sailor words?

Dam straight wanta hear some just call me:twisted: at BR-549


“U don’t need no support…”

We stick em with tape and that Great Stuff"!

This was a two day written argument between me and the contractor with the Realtor in the middle…

That little white sticker on the outside of the double wall class B pipe from the MFG takes all the fight out of those morons

Good idea it really should be we had a Major hail storm go through here last April roofers hammering the hell out everthing , Pipes disconncected fire serperation in condos fallen down and so on

Yes…You are right!!!
This is same situation everywhere. We should be careful about that and properly inspect everything to be secure and safe.
Also we should made it a habit so as to avoid any mis-happenings in future.
Njy and be safe…:slight_smile:

How do you inspect electrical panels, Charlie?

This is same situation everywhere. We should be careful about that and properly inspect everything to be secure and safe. Also we should made it a habit so as to avoid any mis happenings in future.