Roofing EPDM Membrane

Why isnt EPDM addressed in the roof inspection course?

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As an instructor - it is darn near impossible to present every type of whatever an inspector may encounter in a training class. Classes are usually set up to provide info on what “most folks” will encounter on a routine basis. Will they be able to cover all the unusual items: Thatched roofs, dirt roofs, etcetera? Doubtful. Remember, these classes are designed for students all over the InterNACHI world.
That is what Continuing Education is for - to cover “other”, new items and refreshing the inspector. Also, make use of the Forum when needed, as well as looking up the type and/or manufacture.
Tom Valosin, ASKUS Consulting Home Inspector Training


@bking17 CCPIA discusses EPDM in their low-slope roofing course: Commercial Roof Inspection Online Course - CCPIA

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