roofing install

How many of you would call the roof for being installed outside of manufactures installation instructions. They are alternating every other course instead of the stair step pattern.

Yes I know the picture is not the best, but it is 100k:D

1st question: is it a new house?

2nd: how do you know who made the shingles?

I Called it out once to have the buyers contact a roofing contractor to verify for correctness, never heard from the realtor again until she showed up at another inspection I was doing, of course she just sold the house and told me there was nothing wrong with the roof acording to that inspector.

Hi to all,

Bruce, I’m pretty sure of 3 things

  1. It probably won’t leak
  2. It looks like hell
  3. I doubt it meets the manufacturers installation guidelines

I would report it’s condition based on the later