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Does anyone know the answers for these questions?

**On a properly laid slate roof on a new home (single layer), **
how many thicknesses of roofing material are there? (Ignoring headlaps)

On a properly laid roll roofing type roof on a new home (single layer), how many thicknesses of roofing material are there? (ignoring headlaps)

What’s happening? No one knows the answers??? Anybody home?

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But you guys understand the question itself? What does the word, “thicknesses” mean in the questions? means layers? weight? 3/16 inch to 2 inch?

It’s a poorly worded question. Perhaps it is a reference to “layers,” as opposed to “thicknesses.”

Roofs with slates of intermingled thickness use at least three distinct variations in slate thickness; for example, one home might use ¼-inch, 3/8-inch and ½-inch slates.

A heavyslate roof uses slates at least 3/8-inch thick.

Thicker slates may be specified for a roof installation, but the thickest slates included in the order can’t exceed the minimum thickness by more than 1/8-inch. This means that if the order specifies ½-inch minimum thickness, the slates may vary from ½-inch to 5/8-inch.

In heavy slate roofs, slates up to 1 inch thick are not unusual, and these slates are heavy and rough. Slates this size may require framing that is heavier than what is typical for a roof, and you should be looking for signs of failure, such as rafter sagging, or cracking of interior or exterior wall coverings. Heavy slates seldom have cut butts.

This is from the Mastering Roof Insp. series

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Why are you asking us about the wording in your own question?

Yes, I cut and paste from somewhere.

Guess what! The word, “thicknesses” in these questions means how many layers you will drill through.

The question is asking how many layers of material, roll roofing/slate roof, you will drill through during new installation. :mrgreen:

Cut and pasted from the Dearborn Home Inspection course, roofing exam, questions 26-34.

You guys be sure and drill though the roof to count the layers on your next inspection.:mrgreen::mrgreen:

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