roofing ventilation

here is the deal, i am a home inspector and am looking for the insurance company to replace my roof. I am dealing with a few companies that do a great job in my area. I understand the process of ventilation and its purpose. Material specs require 12 static vents for my roof. Thats at 1 vent per 300 sq.ft. I have 2600 sq.ft. or i can do 4 wind turbines or 2 power turbines. They have the new solar power turbines also. My question is if i only use 5 static vents like the company wants to install will the 40 yr. warranty be void because of improper ventilation.
Then there is the question with power turbines, Noisey? Motors failing? Paying an electrician to wire them in? What is the best thing for me to do?


I have been working with insurance companies for a while…some are great, others totally suck (Erie Ins.)…with that said, the insurance company is only going to pay out for what you have already… there are a few exceptions but VERY few.

Static vents and turbine vents are a joke…I wouldn’t mess with either.
You would be better to go with the power vent depending on your current configuration or if need be changing same so that power vents would advantageous…either way you need to find out what the insurance company will allot for your roof and go from there.
If you have a savy contractor then he can go over the adjusters estimate with a fine comb and often squeeze another 800 - 1200 out…it just takes a little time…much of it has to do with proving that their estimating software is incorrect which I have been able to do time and time again…by doing such and working with your contractor on pricing, you can usually get the upgrades you want.

Why are they paying for your roof anyway…storm damage?
Also, what type of venting system do you have now?


No venting system, just intake (gable vents and soffit). Wind damaged shingles slight hail damage plumbing boots lifting, cracking and leaking. The roof is 18 yrs. old 30yr. laminate shingle. showing signs of not beeing ventilated properly wear and tear cracks, curling. I had two estimates given from two roofing companies that estimated high to cover for ventilation.

Billy, the shingles manufacturer should specify ventilation requirements.
If they do, make sure your shingles get installed in compliance with the specifications.
If they don’t go with what’s common in your area.
Powr vents are typically pretty quiet. Easy to wire since there’s usually wiring in the attic to tie into.

Billy have you checked to make sure that the soffit vents are clear. I have a 7/12 with soffit vents, gable vents and ridge vents. Most times I have been in the attic I am amazed how well the the air is moved. I know now that the gables cause a sort of short cycle between the ridge and gables but I think with the 7/12 there is enough clearance it is not effected to much. I vote you look into adding ridge vent if possible but check those soffits good luck