Hello I have a roofing question I was emailed by a client, she was unhappy with my inspection. she said I should of known that her roof has t-lock shingles and that they dont make them no more. So now she has to get a new policy. I follow the sop for my inspections should I have known that t-lock shingles are not manufactored any more?

Did you properly identify the type/style of shingle?

Did you notice any damage to roof covering, or signs of failure, or leakage; and note in report if there was?

Yes on my report I put asphalt shingles and put on my report that there where protruding nails heads damaging the shigles I suggested to repair or replace the damaged shingles.

3. Standards of Practice

3.1.** Roof**
[INDENT]I. The inspector shall inspect from ground level or the eaves:
[li]the roof-covering materials;[/li][li]the gutters;[/li][li]the downspouts;[/li][li]the vents, flashing, skylights, chimney and other roof penetrations; and[/li][li]the general structure of the roof from the readily accessible panels, doors or stairs.[/li][/LIST][/INDENT][/INDENT]

From International Standards of Practice for Performing a General Home Inspection - InterNACHI

It’s not your fault they don’t make them anymore. Repair could be to use tar or replace could be replace all of them, that is for the owner to determine, Besides you did not do the damage, you just reported it. That is your job ,nothing more

I always identify the material as well as the type (3 tab, multitab, architectural, tlock etc)

Me too, though I identify architectural as Dimensional.

There are not that many basic types of asphalt composition shingles; 3-tab, laminated/dimensional/architectural, heavy laminated and T-lock shingles (and a few oddballs). This is real basic information. If you don’t learn basic information about the home systems, you are going to continue to have problems like this.
Basic Shingle Types
Mastering Roof Inspection

Reach out to her and try to make it right.
You must put the type of roof covering. The condition. and all visible components.

Show her your SOP.
See what you can do to make it right IMO.

If the roof covering is satisfactory then you maybe able to salvage something.
Just an idea. Find an experienced HI that will help you.
IMO you may need to shadow with an inspector and get a bit more experience.
Good luck.