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DAY 1 - November 18

Roofs, Attics and Decks - Commercial and Residential

This session focus is on the building science of roof assemblies and attic assemblies both commercial and residential. Air barriers, vapor barriers, venting and non-venting approaches will be examined. The changes in historic practice over the last half century and their impact on new buildings will be discussed. The corollary will also be addressed - how new technology affects old roofs and attics. The information will be presented in the form of case studies and the latest research information from Building Science Corporation will be covered including code changes and vapor diffusion venting.
DAY 2 - November 19

Building Diagnostics and Repairs

This session focus is on how to diagnose building problems - commercial and residential - that are non traditional structural problems. The focus will be on water, comfort, odors and indoor air quality. Rainwater leakage, groundwater leakage, air leakage, vapor transmission, contaminant transport and odor problems will be examined. Tricks of the trade will be revealed. “Smart tests vs. stupid tests” will be discussed.
**Agenda: **

      Day 1

         ** **
     **Commercial Built Up Roofs****

Bitumen and modified-bitumen
Single ply systems
** **
Protected Membrane]( Roofs

Green Roofs (Vegetative Roofs)
** **
Plaza Decks (Roofs That You Walk On)

Cold Fluid Applied (Osmosis)
Hot Fluid Applied
** **
Attics (Vented)

**Fiberglass, cellulose, spray foam](, hybrid

     **Attics (Unvented)****

**Spray foam, rigid insulation](, stone wool, fiberglass, cellulose
Vapor diffusion venting

     **Ice Damming****

**Causes, Prevention and repair

     **Retrofit Under Roofing and Over   Roofing****

**Insulating from the underside
Insulating from the topside

     **Wood Shakes and Wood Shingles**
     **Slate and Metal Roofing**
          Day 2

     **Damage Functions****

**Water, Heat, Ultra-Violet Radiation]( and Ozone

     **Water and Moisture****

**Window]( water leakage testing
Wall water leakage testing
Air leakage testing
Infra-red scanning
Vapor transmission testing

     **Repairing Water Damage   Assemblies****

**Re skinning vs surgical intervention
Interior waterproofing repair approaches

     **Indoor Air]( Quality****

**Contaminants vs odors
Sampling and analysis
Building pressure diagnostics

     **Addressing Contaminant and Odor   Problems****

**Source control vs dilution
Altering pressures and pathways