Room addition. Possible non permited.

I inspected a house that has a Bonus room patio that was not totally finished and looked as if quality construction was not used on every aspect. Problably non permitted.

What is good verbiage for this type of situation ? See picture. Im going to add a few more pictures on replies to this post. ( Ive been having problems adding more than one picture to a post).

The opening between the house and Bonus room is where the water heater is located.
The foundation of the bonus room. ( is a girder with direct contact on the ground).


Attach file(s) (rather than copy and paste) it will make a thumb of your pic in the post, click to get the full effect. If you need more help, call, email or PM me.

You may want to contact the AHJ and see if there was a permit for this. At a minimum you should suggest your client checks if you believe there was no permit.

Heres another picture:

Here’s another picture of how the room attaches to the house:

Even in this thread I don’t think you need to be concerned in whether it was permitted or not.That should be up to the the buyer to do their homework and check these things out. Just do your regular inspection and report what you see as a problem as far as the home itself goes.

And yes Richard, those are some giant pic’s.

Agreed. I might call it an addition or a temporary addition, :cool: would report on the earth/wood contact and add a comment about attracting wood destroying insects into the structure. Especially with the roof leaks to wet it all down. :mad:

John Kogel