Rough Start

Getting back into doing inspections has not gone as planned. As soon as I got up an running, I had some hip pain that just kept getting worse. It was giving the same symptoms I had 4 years ago when my other hip was dying and had to be replaced, so it was concerning to say the least. Finally had an MRI done and luckily it was not avascular necrosis again, but a labral tear in the “seal” around my hip joint. I had surgery last week to repair it. Recovering well, but man these crutches have been kicking my butt! I get around fine on them, but they make my whole upper body sore.

Even with this latest hip trouble, I don’t complain though. I have always been a very healthy person and realize that so many people have real problems to deal with on a daily basis. I hope everyone is doing well and wish you all good health!

Godspeed in your recovery, Jim.

Thank you.

Hang in there Okies don’t give up or give out, there is always light at the end of the tunnel

Thanks Charley, I hope you are doing well.


I probably don’t feel all your pain, but I feel some of it. My left knee is really giving me sh*t and the doctors are slow-walking the process that looks like it’s headed to replacement or resurfacing.

Sounds like you have the right attitude, though. Hang in there and you’ll whup it!

Sorry to hear that, I hope they can get you taken care of soon. Any joint pain can be pretty bad. Man, if you’re up for a drive to OKC, my doc would get you taken care of pretty quick! The only delay I had was a week or so to get everything lined out with the insurance company.

Get well soon.

Thanks Nick

You look kind of young to be having hip issues.

Yeah, this one was just a labral tear. But 4 years ago I did have to have the other hip totally replaced. I was only 41 then. Not something I would have thought someone my age would have to deal with. Since then, however, I have learned it is much more common than I knew of. One of the nurses doing pre-op tests this time said she had to have both replaced at 19!