Round house with 5 sides?

Another oddity I saw in Cheney Washington. Round but has 5 rounded sides/windows/doorways. Conventional garage however. Stucco? Fiberglass? Looked rouch surface like stucco. Not many windows. What do you call this design?

That’s called neo-bizarro :smiley:

Funny, that is very strange but reminds me of a couple of geodetic designs I have seen up in New England.

It is actually called a Pentagon



Check this out…Of course it does screw up little Johnny when you tell him to go stand in the corner for being a brat.

I would call it damm ugly but that’s just me. :wink:

I think that’s where the Teletubbies moved to when they grew up.:slight_smile:

Strange canadains . We have two in our area built by the same person . He now has a regular home .
I think these homes are har to get furniture to fit .
Glad I do not have one and will never inspect one . Roy sr

This is a Canadian Hybrid home. It is a mating of a geodesic dome, a yurt and a plastic septic tank. My heavens…we do need to protect our borders with Canada.


Ugly, yes but it looks like it might take a hurricane better than a gable roof.