Roy Cooke really helps

Here is a copy of an email I wrote to Nick Gromiko recently, regarding my communications with Roy Cooke.

Hey Nick:

I just wanted to let you know that of all the many people I have reached out to in the Home Inspection industry, Roy Cooke is the only one that offered to help me with my questions and needs directly. Everybody else says “sorry I can’t help you, or try going down that other rabbit hole over there.” (Edit: I do have a friend that is an inspector back east that has always been willing to help.)

He gave me about a dozen common sense tips for what to do and not to do in the field.

He gave me some marketing tips and advised on a few tools to make sure to have in the field.

He also pointed out a couple of things that almost always have problems, like decks.

I originally reached out to the community forum on Nachi’s member site looking for people to do parallel inspections with, so he gave me some tips on how to find and approach an inspector that might be willing to do that. He also gave me tips on how to behave during a parallel inspection.

All of that occurred over 2 phone calls.

Roy is a great asset to the community. My brief interactions with him really helped me see how to take the next steps in my home inspection career more clearly.

Jack Klein


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Roy is always a help , good for you too let us know .

Roy is awesome.

Roy is a good man.

You guys should stop. This may cause Roy’s brain to swell which may result in serious complications ;-).

Roy’s all in for interNACHI.
Roy’s the best!

Sorry Marcel been this way all my life no chance of changing now .

Thanks to all for your kind words Much appreciated …

Char and Roy Cooke