Roy Cooke

I just wanted to share my deep appreciation for Roy Cooke. I got a package in the mail with a plethora of home inspection CD’s and DVD’s. I haven’t been able to digest any of it yet but I look forward to diving in. Thanks Roy!

Roy sent me a copy of the InterNACHI graphics. I already have this. If any new guys want a copy, then let me know.

I’d like a copy of that please…

Just like Roy Juan, he did the same to me years ago. Very well appreciated and nice of him to do that to some members.

View it all. :slight_smile:

It’s yours Derek. Email me your address.

Roy is absolutely without equal when it comes to an enthusiastic commitment to help new inspectors. He gives much more than just his time, which he gives abundantly. There is no one else like him, in this regard, in this or any other inspector association. I’m proud to know him.

Thank you very much Juan, I appreciate it

Roy is the best.

Agreed. Roy is retired yet still fights for this association and this profession more than 2/3 of its members combined.

Thanks for everything, Roy.

You are very appreciated!!!

Roy is one of a kind in the best way possible.

Always been in Roys corner.
He has haters for some reason but the smart people are behind him.

Big shout out and props to Roy and all other Nachi members that go out of the way to help others better themselves/:cool:


We all have to help each other.

Vey nice Gesture Roy.

Nick, How True.

Jim, Steve and Jeff and others, Well said.

Bob, I can’t image Roy having enemies. He seems like such a nice guy.

I would gladly accept anything you don’t need.

Roy is without a doubt one of the best I have met ONLINE and on the phone. He truly cares and is always trying to help folks.

He should get great guy of the year award if you ask me. He has earned it a great many times over for sure.

Yes, Roy is a great asset to the industry and NACHI. I called him up a couple of times and he took the time to help me with my questions.

Thank you Roy.