ROYAL LePAGE opens huge new offices. NACHI was there.

You’re diggin’ deep now, Butthead. Did you split the $10 cost on the WalMart bouquet, with Romper Roy?


Can’t make any headway eh! Why don’t you eat that pet pig that you keep telling everyone ate your sister.

He’s probably out inspecting, Sissy Wand, which is way more than your doing, although your probably busy inspecting your wet bedsheets. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:


Why are you only an associate? Why can’t you manage your underpinning biz. I heard you had to declare bankruptcy along with your deck building biz.

What about the irregularities within OAHI financial statements, by-law breaches, etc. You know if you spent as much energy checking into that OAHI-CAHPI would be a lot better off.

Thanks for helping in expose the dirt! Now get out there and get the required number of inspections you wanker.

Yep, Ray Wand’s inspecting his wet bedsheets alright. :lol:

Norm :wink:

Whats an ASSOCIATE of what? Sounds like someone was giving estimates while carrying out inspections and then doing the work also.

FYI, Raymond Wand is bugmenot.

When this embarrassing fiasco is over, the names behind it will live on: Raymond E. Wand, Roy D. Cooke Sr, and Norm Bushman. I got absolutely NO problems with that. :wink: :lol:


You are so wrong Dave.

Hey listen you panty wearer get some new material, is that all you limited education will let you talk about?

Lets talk about OAHI-CAHPI.

Go right ahead and talk all you want. I think Gil had some interesting questions for you about NACHI. Surprised you are running away from that, considering this is NACHI’s forum.

When this embarrassing fiasco is all over, three names will live on: Raymond E. Wand (a.k.a. bugmenot), Roy D. Cooke Sr, and Norm Bushman. You must be proud of yourself, Ray. Personally, I don’t have a problem with that at all. :lol::lol::lol::lol:


Hey anyone seen the BOD minutes from OAHI or CAHPI for that matter?

Ya, I got them here in my back pocket. Boy are they ever interesting. I now know where Jimmy Hoffa is. :lol:


No but we know about your credit rating. Its terrible Dave! :wink:

Now your answering questions no one asked about people no one know. :roll: You okay in the head, boy? :shock:

You know, once this embarrassing fiasco is all over, people are going to remember three names involved: Raymond E. Wand, Roy D. Cooke Sr, and Norm Bushman. I got ZERO problems with that. :wink: :lol::lol::lol:

Norm :wink:

Okay Dave whatever you say.

There is no credit here for you! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yep, Ray/bugmenot’s definitelty switched over to FULL HISSY-FIT MODE. I can hear his stomping and cry babying all the way from Caledon.

Make a deal withn ya, Ray/bugmenot. Give me $100US and I’ll pretend to be Dave for a week so you can bitch at him on the hour!!! :lol::lol::lol:

Norm :lol:

Do the words, Dunn and Bradstreet mean anything to you?

I thinkt they should.

This is Raymond Wand in full hissy-fit meltdown mode. :lol: Watch closely, he’s always got to have the last word. :|.)

bugmenot/raymondwand says what? :lol::lol::lol:


You forgot one thing,9300 members of NACHI would be very happy to answer for Ray or anyone else for that matter.You post BS all over the board to elicit a response from Ray? The joke is on you. I really feel sorry for you,I would seek help,medication or a girlfriend [your dog doesn’t count].
I have the last word buddy,and please don’t waste your time responding to this post,I will not engage you in dialog ever again.

BTW Get a life and help!

Oh my, don’t get yourself all in a tither there Mario. :roll: You don’t know what your talking about, new guy. It will become clear in time, like it has for Ray and Roy’s other followers. You’ll be gone and someone “new” will be here to replace you. But hey, don’t let that stop you from playing the villiage idiot while your here. :lol:



Bottoms has nothing to add to OAHI, so he comes here because he needs attention. His support in Oahi has waned, I am not surprised and try as he might and as hard as his cronies try they haven’t been able to make anything stick to me because Dave has poisioned the pool. No fair trial in OAHI for me thanks to Dave. I owe him so much because I have a Teflon suit and its all due to Dave.

Thanks Dave for your unwavering support and sending Oahi Cafe readers to Nachi to read your posts under the pen of Norm Bushman.

Dave Bottoms Loves Nachi more than his kidney and his mother and more than his credit rating and more than his businesses!