RR Marketing seminar at NACHI convention

For those of you who have requested a copy of the numbers game, it’s at http://www.abouthomes.info/NACHI/Seminar/Numbers%20game.pdf.

Russel, I wasn’t able to attend the convention, but you have me hooked, how do you play the game? . . . and as always, thanks for sharing . . . helping . . . teaching . . . etc . . . etc . . . etc :slight_smile:

I’ll write up the instructions and post them.

And just so no one thinks that I came up with it on my own, no, I didn’t. I don’t know who did, but I got it at one of my BNI chapter meetings.

Throughout my life I’ve looked at what others do and, if they were interesting, thought-provoking, or otherwise relevant to my business, I would (and will continue) to adapt them for my specific needs. The numbers game is a perfect example of making a point through creating a pattern. Note that “perfect,” “point,” and “pattern” all start witih P. Hmmmmm, I think I’m just as big a fan now of P as I have been with the Number Nine (apologies to The Beatles).

I agree with you 100% . . . that’s what makes this message board so powerful . . . I use what is relevant for me, you use whats best for you, and so on, and so on . . . thanks in advance.

And imagine how much more powerful this message board might be if a certain group of people were to share what has or has not made them successful throughout their business careers, what they have and have not done, etc., instead of simply trying to kill a few messengers. Negativity breeds negativity, or, as someone once said (I swear it wasn’t me or my wise ol’ grandmother): The Power of Positive Thinking.

I remember seeing a movie titled something like: Pay it Forward (or) Play it Forward where you do something good for someone else and all that’s asked is you then do soemthing for someone else . . . I look at this board that way, I have received tons of help from asking questions to reading other posts on various subjects . . . sometimes I feel like I have to put on my ‘hip waders’ in order to get the the meat of the subject matter . . . I do indeed appreciate all who have shared what has or has not made them successful . . . it has been a tremendous help for me . . . many thanks to all who ‘positively’ post here . . . you have contributed much to my future success.

I had a group of friends who helped me with a problem that I had back in 1980. Their only requirement was that if I ever ran into someone with the same problem, I endeavour (sp. for my Canadian friends) to help them similarly. I’ve always done that, and I only ask the same of them. Some have maintained contact over the years, letting me know how they have helped someone. It’s very refreshing to plant that seed and watch it grow.

and grow and grow and grow . . .