RTCA E-smart CRM

Would any of you have experience with this unit? I’m trying to decide which monitor to use. Easy of use and reporting are my #1 priorities.
Thinking of just using canisters before I make a decision.

I have not used that monitor before, but I would recommend using a continuous monitor instead of the charcoal canisters. I just purchased two Sun Nuclear 1028 monitors and they are so simple to use. The reporting is very easy too. I can download the report and email it to the client in a matter of minutes.

I debated between Air-Chek and a Continuous monitor, but having mail samples all the time seemed like a hassle. (Also, have you checked to see how much it will actually cost you to ship it?) Before making my final decision, I spoke with several real estate agents and they like the immediate results versus waiting for the extra day or two. Not to mention I personally think it looks more professional to have a monitor versus a charcoal kit that any homeowner can buy from Lowes.