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Can you tell me if a Trane model number SXHCC7540, SXHCC2540, SXHCC2040, and so on in this line are heat pumps? How do they heat when they go from Air conditioning to heating? Do they use 40% more amps like a normal heat pump if there is no gas available?

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Since no one has chimed in I’ll try to help…

  1. Your questions are not detailed enough.

  2. Are you talking about a dual fuel unit that uses gas when the outside temp is below a certain point?

  3. When a regular heat pump gets behind on the heating it will turn on electric strips (or gas if that is the type you have). The electric strips can be 5kw and up (if installed). When these are on the total current draw will be 2 to 5 times higher than what the heat pump compressor normally uses. They can be used with the compressor turned off if it is bad or iced over due to an ice storm by selecting “emerg” or “aux heat” mode at the thermostat.

The questions about particular model numbers will have to be directed to a Trane dealer.

Thanks a lot for helping me.

Heres the thing, there is no gas at all there is only electric. I am going to test the motors for efficiency. Power Factor and if they are heat pumps then they will use 40% more amperage usually. I want to know if these models are those type of units? Heat pumps are not. I have been told there are a linear and non-linear load type units out there. Please help Bruce.

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Brett Davis

The only info I can find on that first model number indicates it is an air conditioner.
You need to call a Trane dealer for info.

Here is some info about linear heat pumps from 1984