rub mark on outer jacket of flexible gas line

I had a contractor install a flexible gas line to where my new gas range will be as part of my kitchen remodel. I was drilling a hole in a stud to run new electrical and the spinning drill chuck made a small rub mark in the outer plastic jacket of the corrugated stainless line. It did not penetrate far enough to expose the corrugated part of the line. Is this something that will fail me when the inspector comes? Thanks for the help.

Hopefully the flex line is not in the wall cavity. A picture would help. Distance and close.

Interested in how the flex line was close enough to be rubbed by drill.

I’ll grab a pic later when I get home, but the line IS inside the wall cavity. Sounds like I may be needing to make a phone call.

By the way, are there any rules regarding gas line proximity to electrical?