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Sorry no pics, Had a rubber roof situation today, the rubber wrapped over the edges of the roof and was fastned by termination bar and roofing nails to the face and the 2 side rack boards. Where the rubber rolled over the edges, there was signs of the rubber breaking down. Besides just recommending a roofer to evaluate, what would you guys say about this installation??? How long would you state a rubber roof would last for rubber on a 1-2 pitch roof application??

Since this involves a rubber membrane roof and seems to apply to detail work flashing requirements, and termination, you need to refer to a Licensed and qualified Roofing Contractor.

Membrane roofing is installed in strict accordance with the detailed specification and drawings as per the Manufacturer of the Product such as FireStone, Carlisle, and the such.
Manufacturers inspection of the work and accepted installation usually carries a warranty of about 15 years for Commercial work and not sure for residential if the same applies.

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It sounds like a typical manufactured/mobile home installation in this area. I seldom see unusual wear at the eaves or edges.

Like Marcel said. Refer it to a qualified contractor.

I expect that rubber roofing will last 20 years, that is the average life of the deck sheet, if it is clean and has no ponding water on it. The real problem areas are details, seams and terminations…these areas can break down with in one year of installation if not prepared and completed properly.

The description of a hard edge with the rubber rolled down over it is prone to weather cracking especially as it ages however it can be installed in this manner.

Termination Bar is often installed upside down, the bar us generally ‘U’ shaped and the bottom of the ‘U’ should be in contact with the rubber. The bar should have an end gap of 1 inch and the bar should be fastened every 12 inches with screws or masonry nail in anchors. That’s the quick explanation if you would like to see details of installation check out, and look around there.

Nails do have there place in the attachment of rubber roofing such as termination of an edge prior to the installation of proper edge metal. The nails should not be visible or the sole means of attachment at the edge, fastening should occur 6 inches on center.

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