Rumor of Home Gauge being free to members

I have seen rumors of Home Gauge being free to all Internachi members. Can anyone shed some light on this? I am currently using Spectora, but hey free is free!

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Read all about it…

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Make sure you register. It isn’t free to everyone, but will be to you if you register before the deadline. You have 9 more days.

Is it…really?

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Well, this is a new requirement I hadn’t seen before for this “deal”.
Adds a whole new level of suspicion to the deal!

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It hasn’t changed. Nothing new. Been a countdown since I posted it.

No. I just said it was going to be free so that I look like an idiot in 9 days.

You say register with the link, but that just says sign up for an announcement?

Do I need to go on their site and register/sign up for an new account or just for the announcement.

Free for all members or only ones that register? prior to deadline?

Welcome to Nicks “rabbit hole”!!


I was a Home Hub Zone user and was very happy. HomeGauge bought and promise to support.

Well that was a lie. Was force to change to their “Beta” web writer or go away. Was told it was close to HomeHubZone and it was kinda…maybe…not really…

And then after working with what they gave me and trying to make it my own report software they change everything and when I complained they told me well you knew it was BETA.

BS. Amateur hour.

If Internachi supports this crash and burn customer support from Home Gauge well then its just all about money and then I’m going to be saving myself some money, like the $600 annual membership

Truth is when someone has 5 or more years doing inspections an Internachi membership is mostly a donation to the owners.

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