Running poll who has completed CSA comments?

In order for CSA to understand that the issues are major concerns from the home inspection industry ALL inspectors need to complete their comments.

Actions speak loader than words – Act now.

[FONT=Times New Roman]Who has complete their comments to the CSA proposal? No other comments required, We just need to get a count.

I have.

Allan Spisak
Chair - PHPIC


I know of many who are not NACHI who have .
I expect most will not post their names here .
Thanks for trying… Roy

I know of many who are not NACHI who have .
I expect many will not post their names here .
Thanks for trying… Roy

Yes for me.

Yes for me as well.

Yes for me.

I got about half way through–will make another attempt this week…


All done, Actually did it the day I got the email over a month ago.

I got about half way and gave up as I simply do not have time to do their job and mine. It seems they want the inspectors out there to rewrite the whole damm thing for them.

I agree and much of it was above my abilities .
I have an engineer friend Home Inspector who spent over 4 hours writing and editing there presentation .
Took me over 1.5 hours to digest what he said needed to be done .
This convinces me this is garbage and the committee should all resign .
Start over with more from those in the industry Keep out CSA and severely limit those who are not in the industry .
We need communication with all Ontario Associations and all Ontario Home Inspectors .
Unfortunately as seen here many Hommies do not seem to be concerned what the new regulations will bring .

Same here
There has got to be a better way!


Done …responded …sent a letter.We just have to keep hammering away!

*The following is a personal opinion and in no way related to any affiliation I have with any company, association or other agency.
I actually performed an inspection according to the CSA standards. 5 Bedroom house, 3 full & 3 half bathrooms, 6 other rooms including a Kitchen plus a part finished basement and walk-up attic. The property stands in grounds of 27,300 sq. ft. Semi-rural with two sanitary sewer outlets.

17 hours start to finish including report writing!

There goes the neighbourhood!

No-one is going to pay for an inspection that takes that long! Realtors are not going to sit for an inspection like this! The cost on an inspection like this is too much for the market to bear.

The consumer is going to suffer.

If the MGCS adopt this standard for regulation, then they are saying they actually don’t want to have people have home inspections.

The standards of practice that exist at present are tried and tested. They provide sufficient protection for the consumer and the inspector, in a balanced way. They only need to be re-written in such away that they are easier to digest for the consumer.

This whole process has, in my opinion, been a total waste of time and money, to produce a secretive document that does nothing other than provide those on the CSA panel with ammunition to demand more money from inspectors for the courses they have no doubt already developed on the back of the advance information they have.

All you have to do is look at the actual participants. They are mainly from a single organisation, and all have supplemented their HI income by providing training.

While I have great respect for one member of the panel, who has himself publicly come out against these standards, for the rest, I see them as doing no more than feathering their own nests at the expense of the rest of us, and the consumer.

Thanks Leonard Hope many read and see just what you said much appreciated … Roy

Leonard, what you wrote would be a great comment for the general comment area of the CSA draft here:

Len, you’ve said it best. The amount of time to do a home inspection will triple to quadruple, as well as the price! Now, add on a septic and WETT inspection, and you’d be pushing over 20 hours for an inspection and reports. No one will pay for this type of inspection, and consumer protection will be non-existent, since home inspections are not mandatory. The only way a home inspection will be performed is by pressure from the Insurance industry, similar to WETT inspections being driven by the insurance industry in using CSA Standard B365-10.
I make no bones about it, if this CSA standard or anything close to it gets adopted, I’ll be pulling the pin on home inspections.

You have to look on the positive side.
I will be offering two levels of inspection one to Internachi standards as is now done and one using CSA standards in which like my commercial inspections I have the services of a licensed electrician, a licensed gas or oil hvac technician.

In addition, home inspections would have a horticultural specialist, ( one of my friends not only has a degree but holds several Guinness records for large vegies) a licensed structural engineer and at least two helpers to measure and take photo notes. Costs will be in the $4000. range to start for a 1200 sq ft and go up from there. Reports will wait till personnel file their individual reports with me and I merge them into the final report which I anticipate will take about a week although it could be longer depending on lab reports if needed. No reports or summary on site as I will not know what tradesmen find or the results of any lab testing . Inspections will require at least 4 hours and need be scheduled at least two weeks in advance to assemble the correct teams. Realtors should expect if issues are found inspections may be quite a bit longer or it could be necessary to schedule another inspection time for another expert such as a specialist in geology for hillside homes, or a specialist in mould control or abatement should such suspicions arise - all at added cost to the base inspection. In effect I would become a general inspection contractor and with as little as two inspections a week could make a very good living! :mrgreen:

I was like great! There is a bright side, I knew it! Then I got hit by sarcasm…:frowning:

L M F A O !!!

Nice one Bruce.

p.s. You forgot to charge for the extra helper to hold the ladder, and the extra insurance to cover you for the neighbours property, while you are inspecting the roof from an adjacent position. :smiley:

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