Running systems in the red

I have sometimes misused equipment and run things a little hot.

Yes, I know that putting an electric drier in the basement of a rental home and hooking it up to the old fuse box 15 feet away with no plugs/sockets or protection for the wiring is wrong. But monthly Navy pay was low - the drier was $65.00 used and the first born was on the way.

This was when one washed the kids underwear and he also had rubber pants to stop most leaks – Idaho Falls in the winter time was not a place to hang things on the line. Too much snow

Same with some of the things that I have done while in the USN

As a HI I see some of this type of “Field eng.” in some of the homes that I have inspected. Some has been done by PROFESSIONAL TRADESMEN some by HI’s and the local handy man.

We all know that the 20 amp bkr on #14 wire is wrong but if that is what is in the tool box then we know that is what goes in – esp. if the ckt feeds something like a computer that has to get pay role out in the next hr.

How about the 50 ft extension cord from one side of the garage to the other to power a second refrigerator (ty wraps on nails to hold it up). No space to put the refrigerator next to the plug.

These are all real world issues

In walks an inspector and says things are messed up or should he make a list that covers everything so it will be the work list?

Remember an inspector unless he is from the professional area related to the system in question will not have the skills equal to the professional that will be correcting the issues.

Me thinks I have the answer

Ask my client. Does he want me to make a list with **recommendations **or just state that it needs an electric contractor?? (Small extra charge) I might even bring in an electric contractor as my consultant to help me (Small extra charge)

Oh and BTW the client was only wanting a 4 point insurance inspection for $150

And how many system have you run in the red??

(Never knew that we could that much range out of that radar - did you repair it with all the proper parts or did you add something??)

Yes, I knew that if my field eng. had caused the radar to crap out at the wrong time people could get hurt – I also knew that the added performance would help save people

So can a person turn a blind eye the big pix - take a few $$ and walk away??

Must be nice if you can but us HI’s can’t do the above

We are paid the same if we find one or 101 issues

We walk in we darn near buy the home - except for our 2 pages of disclaimers

Maybe I should be an electrician – every issue is either on or off with know problem unless I touch it

HI’s touch nothing

Just some thoughts –



“The definition of an “expert” is one who has made every single, stupid, mistake they can, but only made them once.”

  • W. J. Decker Sr.

You, sir, are an expert. :mrgreen: