Russ said can kiss my......

Kiss me you fool! They have a love hate relationship :slight_smile:

2011-10-28 19.31.56.jpg

Are you two going to move the next conference to San Francisco? :wink: :mrgreen:

I didn’t know Russ was a sausage gobbler.:p:p

I do not know Linas it looks like he is on the receiving end lol, It is surprising what you can get for a beer

I wonder if he’ll let Nick poop in his new trailer.

Wow! that is Trailer Trash Act…:roll: New Movie : The Trailer. At a theater near you. Featuring Nick the Guru and Russ the Titan…Go baby, go baby…The Kiss of Death!-X

Rated R

The only person missing is the ex-con that Russ tried to get tossed out of NACHI.:shock:

It was good for him

Wayne Bertsch talking about legislative affairs

Looks like a formal dinner.
All we ever get here is Pizza.

Thanks for the pic’s… now when you guy’s talk about “shiners” we will know who you are talking about!!! :mrgreen:

It was a great day and dinner. I had the prime rib. I learned a lot of new things that I can do with Homegauge. Russel puts on a great training session. Michelle has done a wonderful job on arranging all of this.

I had the prime rib too, VERY tasty!

The Hilton’s dinner service was all over it. Way better than most expensive restaurants.

Dinner was great, I had the prime rib.
I learned a ton & can’t wait till the next one!
I agree with Greg, Michelle has done a wonderful job on arranging all of it.

Yes Please!!!

Tennessee, I believe.

Do you have to bring your own sister for entertainment? ;-):mrgreen:

No, because yours will be there.

Wow Nick is coming to TN , Sean and I need to brush up on our banjo playing, We got to beat the Kiss.