Russel Buchanan/Homegauge

I just spent a little one on one time with Russell Buchanan and Shawn the
technical wizard of Homegauge inspection software. These are two class acts that have our bet interesrt at heart. If you’re checking out software, don’t forget to check this one out.

Both guys were helpful at the COA Atlantic City conference this week. I just upgraded to HG5 and Android companion.

I’ve been using the InterNACHI template for quite a while, and now the InterNACHI print setting . Getting great feedback on the new look (plus the addition of video clips in the report). Hats off to HG!

Thanks guys. We had a great time seeing many of you at the show in AC.

For those needing help on how to set the print setting to the INACHI cover page…at the Print Options window select Edit Print settings and click the small button to the right of “Cover page” and then look for the INACHI Cover Page. Then to get the background logo select the Print Format labeled INACHI. Narrative or Grid look.

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I need help in having my template reflect the same on the companion as it does on the desktop version. When I download a report from the cloud that I’ve previously uploaded using the companion, I can’t see the option for the estimates in the report. Any suggestions? Thanks.


Post your questions over at the Home Gauge message board for a faster response.

Thanks Linas. I did but hadn’t received an answer yet so thought I’d just post here hoping Russell would see it. Ill try emailing support.