Russell Buchanan steps down as VP of InterNACHI

Effective immediately, I am relinquishing my status as VP of InterNACHI. I have held this position for more than a year and think it’s time for someone else to take over the duties as VP.
I am honored to have been asked by Nick to be the VP of InterNACHI and I regret that I have not had the time to contribute more. This is the main reason for stepping down. HomeGauge is growing and with many ideas and future improvements soon to come my obligations with HomeGauge requires more attention and I am not able to give the VP position of InterNACHI fair time.
I feel I can do more for InterNACHI as a regular vendor than I can as VP. Many InterNACHI members use HomeGauge and I want to continue helping InterNACHI and its members by providing the best features and services inspectors can offer its customers and agents.
As we move into the future look for more opportunities with HomeGauge and InterNACHI.
Many excellent inspectors are members of InterNACHI. Thank you for allowing me the privilege to be Vice President of InterNACHI.

Russell Buchanan

The privilege wall all ours Russell. Thanks so much for all you’ve done to help InterNACHI… especially… the best software in the industry.

Truly I say no other association has done more for vendors and its members than InterNACHI. You have given me (HomeGauge)the spotlight many times before I was VP and treat all vendors as fair as possible.

As time went on and I kept finding myself to busy to keep involved as VP, I felt it was a disservice to continue as VP.

HomeGauge loves InterNACHI!!!

thank you for the time invested!


Sorry to hear that you are stepping down Russell, but if it means making HomeGauge a better product than what it already is, you have to do what is in your best interests sometimes.

Good luck and thanks for the work that you have done for InterNACHI.

Thank you Sir.

Thanks for your service.

Thanks Russell…

Enjoyed meeting you in Orlando!

I’m a HHU (happy HomeGauge user) :mrgreen:


Like Nick said; Thanks for your service to NACHI!!:smiley:

BTW Version 4 is amazing! You owe me a beer next time I see you!:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks all ! Ill still be around the message board and plan to work with Nick and InterNACHI on some up coming services.

Ill buy you that beer Mario next time I see you. Moose ale?

Hell no, it has to be the good stuff, Corona. Those Italian’s really know how to make beer!!:shock:

Thank you for your service to NACHI and especially thank you for the Freebies that you provided to our Chapter!

I still have some of the CDs and still hand them out on a regular basis!

Good Luck in your future endeavors.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Frank!

Thank you Russell

It’s been a year and a half since Russell stepped down as Vice President of NACHI. Did we ever obtain a new one? Just curious.

Yes, we have and it is you Scott. Congratulations! It is a lot of hard work and it pays nothing but that is why you was chosen.:smiley:

Congrats Scott…( I figure if we just keep saying it people might believe it)

LOL \:D/

I don’t know if the VP actually had any responsibilities. Last one was Russell from HomeGauge, then before him it was Keith Swift. I think it is actually a gratuitous position of stature reserved for vendors.

Ditto- keep up the good work! :mrgreen:

Thanks for all your help.