Russell Inspection Services LLC

New Hampshire Lakes Region golf course sold.

Proud to be part of this transaction. 2 Days onsite conducting the inspection which included multiple septic systems and one day compiling the information into an electronic report.

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Nice job! I am hoping that you got at least a round of golf out of the deal.

There was to much snow on the ground, couldn’t even see the greens!!

Nice job to be part of, Peter…they got the right man for the job. Good for you! :slight_smile:

Very nice Peter. I swear only a gopher could find a leach field on 250+ acres. :mrgreen::wink:

That’s “cool” Peter!

Literally! :mrgreen:

Thanks guys, while it was fun to do it was also quite involved.

nice job Pete , they could have had no one better for the job

Thanks Dennis, I enjoyed doing that inspection with you a couple of weeks ago, looking forward to working with you again.

Glad to here you guys helping each other. :slight_smile:

Good job Peter!!

Thanks Mike, I appreciate it.

Marcel, Dennis and I have been friends for years now, love working with him, he’s a great inspector.

I had a suspicion he was. :slight_smile: