Russell Spriggs driving NACHI mower at event in Spirit Lake, Idaho on June 18, 2006.

NACHI member Russell Spriggs will be driving the NACHI mower at the upcoming Big Back In event on June 18, 2006 in Spirit Lake Idaho. Over 2,500 real estate agents, mortgage brokers and title companies will be in attendance. NACHI is an official sponsor of this event.

Go Russell!


Hey, I’ll even be towing my new Porta-Bote (see: in the 2.5 mile parade.

All the RE trade-related people in North Idaho & Spokane areas are invited to attend and plaster their info all over the “Mower NACHI, Please!” entry.

This will be my new addition to the Inspection Truck - ten feet long, only 58 lbs, and can get up on plane with a 50+ lb thrust electric motor!

Gotta have something to do between inspections, with all these 24" trout around here.

Nick and Russel;

You two are a couple of sick puppies. :mrgreen:

But two of the reasons I love NACHI.

Go figure.

Question for you Russ? Are you being Eco - concern with your mower? Ie: Ethanol fuel…:wink: Good luck with the race and parade. Watch that you boat doesn’t colapse…:wink: </IMG></IMG>

I want to see photo’s of the tractor… The parade too! Sounds like fun!

Mark, the only alcohol-based fuel will be from the Biergarten.
Jason, I’ll post after the 18th - too bad it’s after the MI meeting!

The “Big Back In” got it’s name from the fact that, for many years, motorcycles would make Spirit Lake a regular Pit Stop *(we really **DO *have saloons - see the pics on the site, ) and “Back In” their bikes to the curb, oftentimes filling up the whole Main Drag of our one-blinker-light town.

A few years ago, (remember, I live out in the boonies, and this is what is done for entertainment), some locals thought they’d pull a joke on the bikers & pre-empt all the saloon-fronted parking spaces with “backed-in” lawnmowers! Thus was the Big Back-In born.

I have a red Murray mower, and don’t really have the facilities to give it a NACHI paint job, but I’ll be pulling a NACHI decked-out boat.

Nick is generously helping out with the banners, which will be used again and again in Spirit Lake and all throughout the Inland Northwest.

Now, if we could come up with some NACHI pennants, I could hang them from some upright fishing poles . . .

This is so sad Russ…so very, very sad…shakes head


With a color printer & some Iron-on paper & some felt you could be all set. Just make sure that if ironing them on to anything other than white you use Iron-on paper for dark fabric.

Just a thought. :cool:

Good thinking, Jason!

I am looking forward to doing a extensive testing of you alcohol to make sure it is what they are claiming it to be. :wink: Russ, if you have a color jet or bubble printer. OfficeMax etc has bumper sticker kits that you could print out any of the Nachi banner’s or logo’s to put on your murray. :smiley: Looking forward to seeing you in MI.

Sorry…forgot the emoticons…:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :smiley:

Way cool on the bumper stickers, Mark!

See, I’ve been up on the mountain too lon. Good to know!!!

As far as the other testing goes, you’ll have to choose the test medium - darkest beers or frozenest margaritas . . .

So then Russ, In knowing you like I think I do, I would say that your really going this way to MOW the fish down main street.

Go get em bud. Maybe I can convince the wife to come up for a day.

Would this count as EDU credits? LOL

Best of luck my friend.


Joe, you’re always welcome!
I’m sure we can fanagle a CE unit out of appropriate and safe ways to invasively examine 12 ounce pressurized containers . . .

MACHI member Cheryl Nordby is making banners for the event.

An invitation to 2,436 Realtors, Mortgage & Title folks, & past clients is going out this week. They will all be invited to tape their business cards and listings flyers all over the boat I’ll be towing with the NACHI mower in the 2.5 mile parade.

Most of the parade is around the lake, because Spirit Lake is only a blinker-light long!

Over 1,000 people attended the event in this blinker-light town.
Realtors, mortgage brokers and builders stopped by the NACHI booth to chat & promise business.

Pics will be posted in a couple of days - I mailed a CD full to NACHI HQ to post!

=D> =D> =D> \:D/ Way to go Russ, you Da-Man :wink:

Yeah, Mark, you’da enjoyed the first Pit Stop on the Mower Poker Run - the local bank was handing out mugs of beer down by the lake!

Russ. I knew I should have come out to be your co-pilot on this mower poker run. Besides, we would not want to send the wrong message to the people that Nachi approves of consuming… :roll: and driving. :twisted: Glad to hear that all went great, now you will have to spend time removing all off the business cards of the boat. Looking forward to seeing the pic’s. :slight_smile: </IMG></IMG>