Russian President Vladimir Putin bases his NY Times op ed on an InterNACHI post.

Vladimir Putin, September 12, 2013

InterNACHI post, August 31, 2013

Putin… a true world leader.

Agree , but I have no interest in what the UN thinks, states or formulates. Our country did not become nor establish itself through an effort of a UN and personally I feel that has much to do with the watered down leadership we have today.
Our issue is not about rules , understandings or unilateral agreements, it’s about leadership, honor and responsibility. We have not leaders but power seeker puppets who have radical ideology and care nothing about the people of those countries but seek a higher agenda of control and power to create dependence on themselves as the only key holder so that eventually they can strike down the Christian principles that this country was founded on and made great by… Honor, respect, duty and service to one another.
Welfare was always a distribution of humanity handled by communities as they saw need, shared their bread BUT held accountable those who were in need to engage in the process of responsibility to perform as they were fit. We didn’t NEED the government for that.
Healthcare was handled by local doctors who lived in and cared for their neighbors and a barter was often part of the payment system to insure everyone was cared for.
The financial system was local and when there was an issue with dishonesty or bad practices, the people took their money out and closed down the operation… Again accountability.
Innovation was free to explore without the government controlling its process and creating a system in which they decide what will and will not be by loading fees, regulations and processes so heavy that you must be wealthy or seek out the wealthy if you want your plan to even have a shot at success.
On and on I could go with my observations and opinions…BUT… When are we with our differing religious and social beliefs going to wake up, seek true leadership who will uphold the constitution, stand in the gap locally and seek first to lead our families and second serve our communities and finally, allow the freedoms and liberties that made our nation great to reign once again by applying social pressures locally to get up, stand up or shut up in the name of “God we Trust” and build a unity that will lead us once again to greatness as a body of one.
Putin made a wise comment and its refreshing to hear some glimmer of strength that we are so starved of but it will not be the UN who will decide our fate… I like many great Americans fought for this country and came back to find that while we were gone, the store was sold, a hard days work was 200 emails, 25text messages and the signing of another program to now allow the government to own my healthcare and mortgage. Tax laws that form task forces to target those who seek to serve their communities, a banking system that must first seek permission from the FED who have an office in the back and a people who were pissed off that the government wasn’t doing enough to impose more laws allowing themselves to take more from
Those who have, so that more could sit on their tails and enjoy the fruit of your labour …

Lack of sleep, too much coffee?? Or just my way of saying… As for me and my house we will serve the LORD!!!

Delete this post, comment on how ignorant I am or just ignore it… But while I keep quiet socially about this most of the time…I stand in the gap for those around me who will not or can not fight for themselves… I am an American , a man who has the honor and privilege to live in a country that was once great and as much as it depends on me, I will protect the name that my grandfather and father handed down that comes with an implied duty to serve others, a work ethic that is unquestionable, integrity that will not waiver and honor and respect for everyone whom I have the blessing to meet and possible serve in some way …I sure feel better now!!! :slight_smile:
Go out again today and enjoy what little freedom you still have! Many paid a great price for your privilege to do so!!!

I put in bold my favorite part of your excellent post.

I don’t much like the UN either, but the U.S. should honor the agreements it has made including those where we agreed not to bomb, invade, or occupy other countries except under very certain and well-defined circumstances, not to keep P.O.W.s in captivity for years, not to perform assassinations, not to torture anyone, etc.

Agreed, honor and integrity are at stake. We should do what we said we will do. Well see our leaderships true colors soon.

That’s the best laugh I’ve had today. Putin’s as guilty as Assad when it comes to chemical atracks. Authorizing the use of a chemical nerve agent in a hostage crisis…yeah, that’s the sign of a true leader. That incident also shows how inept their special forces are. About as knowledgeable as the German authorities during the 1972 games.