Rust at suction line

Would rust on suction line and green stains warrant further evaluation at this 6 yr. old unit located at 2nd floor closet?

Or would foam sleeve replacement be enough?

The staining of the filter is worth mentioning.

Next time if it has insulation in the blower cabinet, you ought to take a moisture reading. Nasty crap can grow on the insulation if damp enough.

For further evaluation/repair?

Not sure Chris, could go either way for me…

I now put in the summary of all my reports to have the client review all HVAC Service records, and if the records are either unavailable or over a year old I recommend a service anyway…:wink:

I don’t see any “rust”. I see a need for full insulation on the refrigerant line at the cabinet. The condensate drain also needs a clean-out. I ususally insert the photo below in my reports to show them what it ought to look like.

refrigerant line seal.jpg


I don’t see the “rust,” but for the problem you’ve described and photographed, this is the solution.

Insulate the line once it’s dried , and the green stain is oxidation from the copper. Copper does not rust. Both issues will “go away” once the line is insulated properly.

Thanks for the replies. Rust was a bad choice of words I used as a “slang” to describe the corrosion (green rust) in the post, well aware copper doesn’t rust.

I felt like Brian it could go either way. The house has been empty for at least 6 months and first time buyers.

An observation from a well respected “ghost” member is the air leakage at the filter door sucks the condensation onto the filter (green stain).

With that being said also addresses that continual moisture may have grown non-visible mold that could have contaminated the ducts and IAQ.

I hope you don’t really believe that. . .

As stated drain needs clean out also a tee stand pipe.