Rust spots on Asphalt dimensional shingles

New roof (2 years of age) all good except rust spots all over roof. Any thoughts? Mike

120216 634 Edgewater Dr, Inv - Full, Wind 049.jpg

120216 634 Edgewater Dr, Inv - Full, Wind 055.jpg

Probably metal entrails from the Granular Applying Machine.

I find rust spots on Stucco, metal from the mixing machine usually.

That was my thoughts, metallic particles mixed in with the grandulars, just wondering if there were any consequences.

I would doubt it, but just out of curiosity I would try to find out the brand of Shingle and have a Rep look at the roof, they might get a free one.

If 2 years old as reported,
a manufacturer rep needs to review for applicable warranty…

I have also seen iron oxide rock chips embedded in the face of the shingles that do the same thing. As mentioned have the rep view the shingles

Thanks all for your help, I’ll do just that. Mike