Rusted Check Valve

Anyone ever report the appearance of a check valve that has excessive rust on the mating fittings?

Please advise,


That doesn’t look excessive to me…

I am more concerned with the galvanize pipe than that little bit o rust

Thanks Larry. I was just curious. This is something I came across a few months back and was going through some of my pics today and was wondering weather or not if I should have reported it. I didn’t actually report it.



Hi Bruce,

Just curious. Other than the rust, what is the concern with the galvanized pipe? I see a lot of it used around here.

Please advise,


There you go.


That corrosion is probably galvanic in nature due to the galv. pipe making a direct (electrical) connection to the brass check valve. Eventually the galvanized pipe will dissappear. To eliminate the problem dielectrics should have been used.

Understood. Thanks