rusted nails after Hurricane sandy

my house is a 600 square foot cottage. 1 floor bedroom built in 1933. my house at four and a half feet of water during Hurricane sandy. I am taking up the subfloor and removing all of the nails. all of the old emails that were in the old subfloor are very rested. the floor was not worth or loose but the insurance want to the new subfloor. my main concern has nothing to do with the subfloor but just the nails in the structure itself . I believe that one’s rest start it does not stop. my concern is that myself and all of those who have experienced flooding that the nails in their houses will rust and eventually become weaker . I ask a local engineer and he told me that the rest will stop once the moisture is removed but I do not believe that. my house is completely got it right now should i while I have the whole house got it should I read now everything with galvanized nails I have a nail gun? also I looked out all of the old rusty nails when I took up the subfloor . a friend told me I didn’t have to but I’m just curious can rest emails been left in would damage the wood damage wood furthet.?

sorry for all the typos this post was not supposed to be posted. please read the one I posted about this. thanks Tom